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The meaning of life is to give life a meaning

Money & Life

 I was in the deep introspection mode this noon thinking about money and its importance in one’s life.
These were my thoughts or you can say pillars on which the introspection stands on-

Success has nothing to do with money. Success should be calculated on the basis of happiness.

But richness can only be measured with money therefore if i will be rich one day then I must have a certain amount of money, interestingly that amount differs from person to person. So no need to show off.
But somewhere, I know that money is required,  how much I drive away from this truth but it’s really true.
After thinking 10-15 mins, talking to my inner-self, I realized and I concluded that, yes, money is important, but one should first know the quantum of it. If the person knows what he will require materialistically for his existence as a necessity than only he will be self-motivated to at least achieve that amount. My advice to you, make a list of things which you think you will require ahead a necessity and along with write, its current price. All possible things should be counted.
Moreover, the real reason we exist is to find life meaning, “The meaning of life is to give life a meaning”.Guys after fulfilling your necessities, do save money in some proportion to eradicate some social problem(s) or anything that you have to do and is necessary accordingly to you.

To be generous, I discover the real meaning of money & money wasn’t that important. But actually, the real meaning of life is important. And if you are reading this and not decided, then make it now. If you want to inspire people then do it, if you want to make a business that gives back then do it.
I know somewhere that riding the million dollar Porsche is not true happiness but sitting with my friends discussing others and spending 0 money is true happiness.

Thankyou for reading

Naman Jain

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Naman Jain

Naman is a student-turned-innerpreneur passionate about technology and the mundane world.
As a technical enthusiast, he is responsible for website development and keeping tidy corporate relations at many platforms.
He is pursuing B.B.A. from Jamia Millia Islamia and is also a member of an NGO, Bloodconnect though he was earlier at the corporate relation team at Womenite (NGO).
His interest in tech and social world and audacity to interact help him running an Insta-page @basicallyindian_
When he isn't working, you'll find Naman talking and discussing current issues or over the phone doing the same thing:)

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