The journey of a Master Procrastinator

I have a huge audacity to speak to different people. The majority of things that I discuss with them dwells around their ambition, interest and where they see themselves at their 30s.
Common to all those answers are, people, especially teenagers who presume their future secure with monthly earning around a lac or 2 per month.
People are thinking of becoming ‘this and that’ but when asked what they are doing for their dreams, the answer is NOTHING. They got excuses like they are stuck in this mundane world.
You know how much time you are wasting with friends, you-tube, torrents, social media, etc. You curse yourself every day, but still, you remain rigid to that schedule which is getting you nowhere. I don’t say social media is bad, but it is if you are not earning from it. It’s a whole fucking trap that kills your 2-3 hours of the 24 natural hours we got.
We all aim to achieve some goals unconsciously. Our mind too segregates these goals from long term to short term achievements to focus on, that’s too quite automatically. But where we fail every time is when we forget to build the connection between these goals. That is why we end up focusing a good time for the short term goals, though these goals’ achievement helps us in maintaining our responsibilities and desired course of action at the same time we procrastinate from the major long term goal.
For me, I kept on realizing this art of humans and regretting it from school days. Where a student is busy in his academic curriculum. Every month there is FAs, SAs, projects, holiday & homework he tends to blur out from building his own personality. But yet the freedom of thoughts and our mind sail us through dreams that we want to conquer for our-self but quite figuratively fails due to the trap we are already trapped in.
The solution – start loving the ‘process’ instead of ‘aim’. Don’t dream of how you can become something. But search the skills needed for your aim. This will lead you much ahead of your aim, because, your aim will become just the part of the process and you will not slow yourself but move ahead. Moreover, you will see a potential change in your attitude, communication skills, confidence and other important aspects that all will lead you to recognition and ultimately a Motivation syrup to go much ahead and achieve things after things.
Love the process and be what you want to be. Just don’t daydream, be the change you want to see.

About the author

Naman Jain

Naman is a student-turned-innerpreneur passionate about technology and the mundane world.
As a technical enthusiast, he is responsible for website development and keeping tidy corporate relations at many platforms.
He is pursuing B.B.A. from Jamia Millia Islamia and is also a member of an NGO, Bloodconnect though he was earlier at the corporate relation team at Womenite (NGO).
His interest in tech and social world and audacity to interact help him running an Insta-page @basicallyindian_
When he isn't working, you'll find Naman talking and discussing current issues or over the phone doing the same thing:)

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