Basically Indian


Basically Indian aims at connecting with the intellectual people and making the non-so intellect person, the intellectuals, by taking their shyness to write through providing them with a medium to publish their thoughts and make a much verbose and really equipped youth to the nation that knows really about everything that is trendy and salient to the surrounding.


Basically Indian aims at catering the maximum numbers of students to express their interest and disinterest; finally unite the voice for the topic which is beneficial to all.


Basically Indian wants to connect with society and discuss the grass-root to the big issues that are affecting any young person. For us, Youth is any person who is in the process of taking education at any stage or has less than 5yrs of experience in job/business/corporate culture.


Basically Indian aims at giving the medium to the Youth to express its views on the topic of interest which affects them directly or indirectly. We stand here to not distinguish any person and aims at giving a proper place for their views and its representation.